June 12, 2020

3 Steps For Better Time Management

3 Steps For Better Time Management
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Do you work from home? Whether you are self employed or employed by someone else, there are many hats you wear working from home and time management is KEY. Your success and productivity depends on your ability to not only get a ton of things done everyday, but to do so in a quick and effective matter.

Time management is simply the process of how you plan and organize your time between tasks or activities. Good time management helps you be more productive and effective by allowing you to get more done is less time.

One of the many time management mistakes when you are new to working from home is jumping right into work. Certainly, there are benefits to doing this, like getting a head start, but look at it another way. Without first developing a plan, you may later find yourself unorganized, frustrated, and behind schedule. 

So, how can this be avoided? By taking a moment to follow three easy steps. I will go through each of the three steps below. Once followed and properly implemented, they can improve your time management skills and produce effective, productive, and often profitable results.

3 Steps for Better Time Management When Working From Home

#1 Get Focused

Focus is vital to your success when you are working from home. Why? Because there is a bit of a learning curve when you start to work from home. If you are not focused, it is easy to find yourself off track. 

For that reason, you must focus on your duties and tasks for the day. Prepare a space that will be a comfortable work environment. Remove distractions that will prevent you from being productive. Be clear on your goals so you won’t get sidetracked throughout the day.

#2 Make A Plan

Following the first step, you should be focused and ready to get to work. However, you cannot stop there. Remember we said don’t just jump into it. That can be a costly mistake. 

No matter how smart, skilled or even focused you are, it will not help if you have poor time management skills. To get started, brainstorm and create a to-do list or a detailed schedule of things you need to get done. You can do this by hand or with the use of a computer or app. Personally, I use an app called Focus To Do.

Take the tasks you determined were needed to be accomplished and put them in order. You may want to start with easy to complete tasks. You can then move onto more complicated or time consuming tasks.

Now create a detailed schedule. Give yourself an estimated period of time to complete each task. Choose a specific block of time to complete your list, such as from 10:30am until 2:00pm.

#3 Get to Work

The final and most important step of this 3 step plan is to execute your plan. You might assume this to be the easiest step, but its not. When you work at home, its easy to find yourself distracted and off course. Whether its scrolling on social media, continuously checking email, or dealing with friends and family, distractions are common and easy to fall victim to.

Keep all three tasks in mind. It is important to stay focused and on task. This is why it is vital to create a detailed schedule. On your schedule, set aside blocks of time for specific tasks. If you must, set an alarm clock to warn you when your time is about to expire.

The easiest way to work on your to do list and plan without falling victim to distractions is to avoid them. For example, turn the television off in the background, shutoff your instant messaging program, and so forth. When your distractions are eliminated, it is easier to execute your daily tasks. 

In conclusion, working from home is an amazing opportunity. So, to make the most of the opportunity you want to be an effective and productive home worker. For that reason, time management is crucial. Implement these three steps so that you can meet deadlines while delivering quality work. Ultimately, developing effective time management skills helps you become more productive and efficient which is essential to the success of working from home.

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  • Time management is key to reaching any goal! Such great reminders to get focused, make a plan, and get to work. Too many times we are in survival mode and just working without really getting anywhere.

  • It’s the “get to work” part that I find difficult during this time of having to work from home! You are exactly right it is SO easy to get distracted. Thanks for the tips!

  • Making a plan is so important! I do that too. In fact, I plan the day ahead what I want to do for the day. It really helps me a lot – that and eliminating distractions!

  • This was a very straight to the point post that I really enjoyed reading. I worked from home prior to the pandemic so I can definitely relate to all three tips you provided. Not everyone is disciplined when working from home so creating that dedicated work space, getting a schedule for the day of what needs to get done and actually doing it! I mean we are all human and may get off course from time to time but when you are working from home you have to know when to wheel yourself back in.

  • Great tips. the only thing I would add is to be flexible and keep an open mind about working from home. Some days will just not go right at first and you may need to adjust the times you do things. Oh, and be careful not to become a workaholic – easy to do when you are effectively at work all the time!!

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