20 Work From Home Customer Service Jobs

20 work from home customer service jobs

Sometimes its hard to weed through the work from home options to find a legitimate company to apply for work.  There was a time when you had to walk 

Searching for work from home jobs

into a company with a paper application to apply for positions and you could check the place out to see what kind of establishment it was.  Not anymore!  Now you can be hired and work for a company while never meeting a coworker or ever stepping foot in an office.  

You can literally apply for a job and have NO IDEA who you are sending your information to and what you are getting yourself into.  I understand…believe me I get it because I was there.  It seemed like everything was too good to be true and there were so many frauds out there.  I had times where I thought I was applying for a real job and as soon as I clicked submit on the application my phone started ringing and my email started blowing up with telemarketers and scammers.  It was so frustrating and I was starting to believe that there were no real actual legit ways to make money by working from home.  I am pretty sure I’m not alone.  I’m so glad I didn’t give up and I hope you won’t either.  I want you to hang in there and keep looking.  I want you to do your research and find the legit companies that hire work from home agents.  I want you to be alert when you are on line and be diligent in checking out the companies you find.  

Online search for work from home jobs

This is a HUGE part of the reason why I started this blog.  I want to share helpful information so others can get started working from home too.  

So here is a list of companies that hire for work from home customer service agents.  All of the companies on this list may not be currently hiring depending on when you read this post but they may accept new workers throughout the year.  Definitely keep checking back if a company is not currently hiring.  Just as a side note there is something I want to let you know.  We are in no way affiliated with any of these companies and are not endorsing any of them as employers.  Just sharing some knowledge with you to help start your work from home job search. Please do your due diligence and still research these companies and their positions to see if you find one that is good fit for you.  Happy Job Hunting!!


Amazon.com Frontline Call Center 
Apple Great VirtualWorks 
Arise Virtual Solutions  HSN 
ARO  LiveOps
Asurion  Next Level Solutions 
CenturyLink  Sitel
Concentrix  Sutherland 
Convergys  TeleTech 
Direct Interactions  Ver-A-Fast 
EGS – Alorica  VIPdesk Connect 
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