IGTV and how it can help your business

Looking for a way to leverage the power of video for your business? I want to suggest you consider IGTV.  Recently, Instagram has been making some big moves and made the social media realm stand up and take notice. They have noticed the love of videos by consumers in the social media world and have rolled out some pretty awesome features that cater to it. One of their latest additions is IGTV. Previously, videos could be loaded with a one minute limit but users will be able to upload long form videos with the launch of IGTV. IGTV will allow creatives to have their ownRead More →

Work From Home Position Uhaul

Uhaul is a national moving and storage company. They also have an opening for a work from home position.  There are currently hiring for part time customer service agents.  I did not know Uhaul customer service was available to work from home. UHAUL Customer Service Agents The work from home position is taking inbound calls from customers with general assistance and technical support before, during, and after their rental.  The position also requires handling details of a number of transactions including payments What are the hours? Uhaul requests a minimum of 6 hours a day including Mondays and Fridays.  On these days, they request timeRead More →

Work From Home Position

Another great work from home position has popped up that you might like. I like this one so much I want to keep it for myself but I will share.   I am a good sport (sometimes).  So speaking of sports… Do you love sports and spend time daily on social media?? Would you like to find a work from home position that could combine the two? Well, if this describes you I might have your dream job (and mine too)!! Vox Media is looking for a NBA Social Media Contributor. NBA Social Media Contributor with Vox Media First thing you should know is this particularRead More →

Passive Income Introduction

Today I want to introduce the concept of passive income.  This may be a term that you have heard before.  If not, you will be familiar with it by the time we finish. Many families agree that bringing in some extra money monthly would definitely help their household budget.  One of the main reasons I started this page was to help others find ways to earn more money.  One of those ways is through finding a job that you can work from home.  When you have time, check out the page dedicated to companies that hire virtual employees to work from home.  Click here for aRead More →

Work From Home Job Opportunity

If you are looking work from home job opportunities, I have something for you.  I want to share my latest job find because I know how hard it is to find quality positions and companies.  Even though it can be difficult, stay encouraged and keep looking because there are positions out there.  Once upon a time, I found myself searching so now I try to help others in their search.  This one is a real treat because it is chance a work from home job opportunity with a solid and well known company. About Xerox The Xerox Corporation is well known company being renowned worldRead More →

20 work from home customer service jobs

Sometimes its hard to weed through the work from home options to find a legitimate company to apply for work.  There was a time when you had to walk  into a company with a paper application to apply for positions and you could check the place out to see what kind of establishment it was.  Not anymore!  Now you can be hired and work for a company while never meeting a coworker or ever stepping foot in an office.   You can literally apply for a job and have NO IDEA who you are sending your information to and what you are getting yourself into.  IRead More →

5 Tips for Working From Home blog pic

Five Tips to Working from Home I left my full time 9-5 in January of 2014.  I thought it will be so awesome working from home and being my own boss.  I think the first MONTH I worked from home I got absolutely NOTHING done.  Spinning my wheels and walking in circles day after day.  Something that should have taken a couple of hours to finish was still undone a week later.  I would look at the clock and think its time for bed and not be able to name 2 things I did all day and wonder where the day went. Things are muchRead More →

Get started Work From Home

It’s 2018!!  I can’t believe it.  Seems like 2017 just started and now its over.  We are often filled with a lot of enthusiasm and energy at the beginning of the year.  We are often motivated and full of ideas. Some pan out and some don’t but NEVER stop trying, stop reaching, or stop dreaming.  2018 is the perfect time to get a new job, to start your own business, to loose that last 15 pounds, to stop smoking, or anything else you want to do. QUESTION:  What is it that you want to do but haven’t got started yet??   What great ideas do youRead More →

Happy New Year!!  I hope you have an exciting and prosperous year full of blessings!! Read More →