IGTV: How It Can Help Your Business

IGTV and how it can help your business

Looking for a way to leverage the power of video for your business? I want to suggest you consider IGTV.  Recently, Instagram has been making some big moves and made the social media realm stand up and take notice. They have noticed the love of videos by consumers in the social media world and have rolled out some pretty awesome features that cater to it. One of their latest additions is IGTV.

IGTV How it can help your business

Previously, videos could be loaded with a one minute limit but users will be able to upload long form videos with the launch of IGTV. IGTV will allow creatives to have their own channel where they can incorporate videos up to an hour long. It is rumor that it will become a major competitor for YouTube.

Content creators that use social media to share their content are over the moon about all the possibilities. One appealing asset is that you can cater to your audience using different mediums without having to leave the Instagram platform.

I will admit I have not played around with IGTV yet but I have a few ideas about what I will do with it.  Additionally, using IGTV will incorporate with the other features of Instagram stories, live, and highlights.

IGTV For Advertisements

There is word that there will be some sort of monetization coming soon so I am sure many will be using this platform for ads and commercials. IGTV can be a perfect way to position your product and/or service in front of your audience so it only makes sense tha it will be used to make sales.

Instructional Videos

IGTV should be a perfect way to show courses and training videos. For those that do webinars the ability to do short videos can be extremely beneficial to promote and sell content.  Some people learn better by watching a walk through and you can use IGTV to instruct.

Day in the life/Video Diary

Allow your audience a sneak peek into your life. You can show your following the behind the scenes of what goes on with you. Let your audience see that you are a real person by giving them a look into what makes you tick.

Product Demonstrations

Create videos with your latest products and services. Show your audience how they work and how awesome they are. Use IGTV as a platform to launch new products to your followers.  There is no better way to show off a product than to show it in action.

I’m sure there are many more ways that it can be useful to you in your business. Thus, the possibilities are endless and the only limits are your imagination. I hope these ideas will jump start your creative juices and help you come up with some plans to put IGTV to use.

Instagram is showing staggering growth. In just September it listed users at 800 million and are now over 1 billion.  Most importantly for small business owners, IGTV intends for all channels to see the same type of growth regardless of their size. This game changer could mean an awesome opportunity for your business.  Especially for those who have been on platforms that cater to those with large audiences or subscribers.  Get in on the ground floor and start planning how this platform can benefit you in your business.

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