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The Work From Home Wife


This site is a resource the grew out of a need to find legitimate ways to earn money while staying home. When you actually take time to look for way to make money online from home you find out that its not as easy as you might think. 

After running into every scam, MLM, and pyramid scheme available, a home based business was born.  Many of us have an entrepreneurial spirit and a business inside of us that is itching to get out.  The tricky part comes in when you must run this business while taking care of family and home as well.

The goal is that this site will help teach some ways to earn additional income, find legitimate work from home opportunities, and/or start a home based business while balancing the needs and demands of life, family, and finances.


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The Work From Home Wife

The Work From Home Wife

Hi, I’m Kay.  Welcome to my blog, “The Work From Home Wife.”  I am a wife, mother, and puppy mom.  I am also an author, blogger, trainer, consultant, mentor, strategist and business owner.  Those are some pretty big hats to juggle.


I walked away from my full time job in January of 2014 and haven’t looked back.  I am often asked do I miss it and the answer is NO!! I am a serial entrepreneur that loves running my own business from the comfort of home.  I understand the joys and the struggles of being self employed and the difficulties to search for legitimate ways to make money from home.  At one time I was searching for online jobs where I could work from home and I ran into all kinds of scams, pyramid schemes, and unsavory characters just just wanted to steal my money.  I don’t want that to happen to anyone else.  So I put together this site as a resource to find jobs from home and sources to earn money online.  Sometimes this may mean creating your own work from home business using your creativity, skills, services, and/or products. 

My goal is to teach others how I have built a business for myself from home that allows me to spend time with my family and do the things I enjoy in life.  You can balance life, business, family, and finances.  I’m a living witness and I’m here to let others take a sneak peek into my life and business.  Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy and learn much!!