Work From Home Position With Vox Media

Work From Home Position

Another great work from home position has popped up that you might like. I like this one so much I want to keep it for myself but I will share.   I am a good sport (sometimes).  So speaking of sports…

Do you love sports and spend time daily on social media?? Would you like to find a work from home position that could combine the two? Well, if this describes you I might have your dream job (and mine too)!! Vox Media is looking for a NBA Social Media Contributor.

NBA Social Media Contributor with Vox MediaWork From Home Position with Vox Media

First thing you should know is this particular work from home position will focus on the Houston Rockets basketball team. It covers the preseason, regular season, and post season (if there is one for the team). There are other positions available on their site as well. If you want to browse other available positions, you can check them out here.

What Type of Work From Home Position Is This?

Vox Media’s site states, “This role engages followers in conversation to keep a lively personality flowing through the account in addition to occasionally live-tweeting/Facebooking events. The goal of the social media coordinator will be to grow our social media platforms, create a voice for each platform, interact with fans on social media and respond to inquiries and comments as needed, etc.” Hence, making this a one of a kind position that seems perfect for a sports fan that finds themselves online daily and loves to write.

Do I have to be A Basketball Expert?

Looks like it doesn’t necessarily have to be someone that knows everything there is to know about basketball. Moreover, it needs to be a passionate fan that is able to carry on engaging conversations on social media about the team. So consider applying if you have prior experience with writing and blogging and a working knowledge of the game.

What are the Position Requirements?

This seems like a fun virtual position.  See if you are a good fit for the position.  Does this describe you?

➡Are you active daily on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram?
➡Do you have an understanding of the social media platforms and are available to check and update them throughout the day
➡Enjoy discussing sports or your favorite teams on websites?
➡Can you create original content specific to each social media platforms?
➡Have any experience with Photoshop, design, audio/video editing?

Not sure about you, but I love it!! Sounds like an awesome work from home position…too bad I don’t like the Houston Rockets! LOL 👎👎👎👎👎 Even with that being said, I love basketball enough to give this a try.  Regardless, for those that are not a Rockets fan there are other positions available with the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Work From Home Position

If this position interests you, just head over to Vox Media’s website for more information or to apply!  However, if this position isn’t your cup of tea, we have a list of 100 other companies hiring for work from home agents that you can check out here.



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